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Hi, I'm Paul.

I'm a Senior UX Designer.

These are work methods I use →

and specific skills I have →

This is my UX Design step 1 chevron_right supervisor_account Empathise

I'm empathetic. I like to get to know your problems, pain points and needs.

Interviews, Analytics, Surveys, Feedback

Listening, Analysis, Research

create Define

When I know who you are I can paint a picture of what you need.

Methods: Personas, Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, Card Sorting

Skills: Whimsical, PowerPoint, Research Synthesis

wb_sunny Ideate

Who doesn't love arts and crafts? Armed with research, solutioning can begin.

Methods: High and Low Fidelity Wireframes, Paper Prototypes

Skills: Balsamiq, Adobe XD, InVision

build Prototype

If a picture is a thousand words, a prototype is a thousand pictures.

Methods: High and Low Fidelity Artwork and Clickable HTML Prototypes

Skills: Adobe XD, Design Systems, InVision, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON

flight_takeoff Test

Let's prove with real users that we've solved their problems, or let's fail fast!

Methods: Interviews, Analytics, A/B Testing

Skills: Interviewing, Excel

crop Handoff

Pixels for the developers, pantones for the printers.

Methods: Print Ready Artwork, Design System Specifications

Skills: Illustrator, Design Systems, Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign